Monday, January 16, 2012

still ...

I reached out to you yesterday and today ... I sent you a text but made it seem like I just needed some information and cut it short. In some perverse way, I wanted you to think of me even for just a millisecond ... a small amount of time taken away from whatever it is that keeps you busy nowadays.

We no longer talk. We no longer see each other. It has been months ... half a year even. I missed you. I missed chatting with you about anything and everything under the sun. Sometimes, I would see something and text you but before I finish writing down the message, I'd remember that we don't do that anymore. We don't text random items to each other, you don't text me to call you to chat, I don't call you early afternoon of Sunday just to chat ... we just don't anymore.

Sometimes, I still peek at your profile. I wonder if there's someone new ... I wonder if you guys talk the way we do ... if you connect the way we did ... if she makes you laugh  the way I did or belt out a song while paying at the toll gate.

I shouldn't. I won't ... but for now ... I will remember you and once I post this, I will forget you again ... the same way you have forgotten me.


  1. aww... from two inseparable hearts to strangers again. It's just not the same as it supposed to be. -rah

  2. I think I know who. Just text me if you need someone to talk to.

  3. We, somehow, have the same situation. It's kinda sad.

  4. It's really hard to pretend we don't care for people we really care about. More so, trying to control ourselves from giving attention to someone who doesn't seem to care much anymore.. :(

  5. @ rah - yep ... strangers again ...

    @ mitchy - yep ... the one I dated for half a year or so ... sigh

    @ carla - painful too no?

    @ sumi - I'll get over it, eventually.

  6. Hi Kay, men are easy to comprehend.. With the way he's treating you now simply means that he doesn't care anymore whether you get hurt or not. That particular fact alone is enough reason to move on. Why care for someone who regards you less than you truly deserve? Move on and stay beautiful, there's no use looking back to the might haves and could haves. It's painful but you have to face the fact that he chose a life away from you.. - von


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