Sunday, February 1, 2009

my friend, Flare

If you look at the two of us, we coul not be any more different from each other. She looks sensible, I on the other hand look like an airhead. We're ebony and ivory. She walks with a purpose and I wander aimlessly. At first glance, we dont' seem to have anything in common.

In reality, we actually have a lot. We're both demanding, very demanding. We both like to be organized though most of the time, it is organized chaos we have. We are both jealous and insecure and we turn to each other to calm the other and remind that, half the time, it is all in our minds.

We have been friends for some time now and we have had challenges, most of the time, the ex psychos who get in the way. There have been times that we do not talk for months and when we see each other, it would seem that we talked just yesterday. We would fight and tell each other that we never want to see each other again, and in the next 15 minutes, ask the other what she is doing the next day and if we wanna get coffee.

We are friends. We are crazy. Some people say that it is not real. I say, she is someone that I am glad is a part of my life.

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