Friday, February 6, 2009

top 5 most hurtful statements ever said to me

#5 - Ndi na kita mahal. (I don't love you anymore.) This was said to me by H when he and I had a fight.

# 4 - As if naman may papatol sayo e ang pangit pangit mo na at ang taba taba. (As if anyone would sleep with you, you're ugly and fat now.) Said to me by H when I found out he was cheating on me.

# 3 - Ndi ka ba makapaghintay? Palibhasa atat ka e. (Can you not wait? You're way too excited.) Said to me by a guy coz I wanted to see him at least twice a week.

# 2 - Masyado ka kasing clingy. (You're too clingy.) - Same guy for the same reason.

# 1 - You're not worth loving. No one will ever love you. - Said to me by my Dad when I did something he did not approve of.

It seems that the most hurtful words came from men that I deeply loved and cared for. =(


  1. the most hurtful statement from was from ur dad.... for me our dad should be the last person to say hurtful words....

  2. Sorry, Kay. I wish you had more loving guys in your life.


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