Monday, February 2, 2009

sunday at westgate, alabang

I told B the other day that I would bring him to Fun Ranch this Sunday so he could go around ang play. I haven't taken him out for some time and I remembered that there was a Fun Ranch in Alabang. So here are some pictures from our day out and obviously, it was not just B who went but everyone else. It was fun!

I brought my Mom this clown doll because she seemed to really like it. I personally do not like it. Lol! =p

This is what I had at Cafe Breton. It's called a galette. It was yummy.

Here is B forcing himself to finish the donut. Look at how he managed to eat the top of the donut but left the bread part? Lol.


  1. Glad you had a nice weekend with the family.

    It's funny 'coz Yohan also tends to finish the frosting/topping of the donut first. I always end up eating the rest of it. :)


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