Thursday, February 26, 2009

truly over you

Today, I faced my ex for the first time after almost 4 months. He sat diagonally across me in that lil room in the baranggay hall wearing shades. First thing I noticed was that everything that he was wearing that day, from his shades, to his undershirt, long sleeves, pants, socks, and even his shoes were things I bought for him. It almost made me laugh since the reason why we were in that baranggay hall was because of money issues. Money he would not pay his sister but insisted that I pay.

It striked me as funny because what he wore were things I bought him and for a devious minute, I was tempted to tell him to strip and give me back everything that I bought him including the clothes he was wearing on his back. For a devious minute, I was tempted to lower myself to their level. But I did not.

I proved to myself one thing though. I no longer have any love for him. I felt nothing for him but pity. I pitied him for being this miserable creature on earth, I pitied him because until now, he has not found love and he will never find love. He has fooled two women and used them for their money. He will never find love because he does not know how to love and how to appreciate people who love him.

I am glad that I am rid of him. I am glad that I am no longer part of his family. They are not good people; they did not raise a good child and are even proud of it.

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