Wednesday, February 4, 2009

meet me halfway

I realized something the other day. In almost all of my relationships, I never really made it a point to meet the guy halfway. It was always about my demands, my wants, my needs, my desires. It was all me, me, me. The thought of giving way rarely crossed my mind and would disappear just as quickly.

Having gotten out of a 3 year relationship wherein it was completely opposite of what I was used to, I wanted to revert to my old ways. I thought that since giving in all the time did not work so well, I should just be the brat that I was before. It would be all about me, me, and me once more.

A friend of mine spoke to me about this. This friend told me that to make things work, there is a need to compromise, to meet halfway. This stopped me. This friend told me that maybe the reason why all my past relatioships failed was because it was they either give in to all my whims or I give in to all their whims. It was an either or. It was never about meeting halfway.

I think my friend is right. I think I will give this meet me halfway thing a chance. After all, I really have nothing to lose. What's another heartache compared to the possiblity of a happily ever after?

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