Monday, February 9, 2009

movie marathon weekend

This weekend, I just watched movies on my laptop. Yep, 3 movies if I remember correctly. I also got to spend a bit of time with my son with the prerequisite wanting to strangle him moments which of course I will never really do. Lol.

I watched Bride Wars, American Gangster, and Marley and Me. I liked them all. Touching, poignant, and endearing in their own ways. American Gangster was a bit too violent but then again, it is a gangster film. I'd be worried if there were hearts and flowers on it.

We stayed at home and did not go out for lack of a budget but it felt nice; what really mattered was that we were all together you know. I fixed our room and now have speakers for my iPod. I also downloaded the ENTIRE HM1, 2, and 3 soundtrack for my lil sister. She wasn't feeling well and we took pity on her which is pretty rare since she's the youngest. Hehe ...

Hope everyone's weekend was just as lovely and that this week will be light for all of us. Vday is pretty near. Whether you have someone special or not, there is someone out there who loves you. Seriously. =)

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  1. I watched the first one but I have yet to watch the last two you mentioned.


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