Friday, February 20, 2009

higher education and breeding

Once again, it was proven today that finishing college and having a degree does not equate to having breeding. As some of you are aware, the ex's family has taken me to the baranggay coz of money issues. I was willing pay my half but they wanted more. Their son is not giving child support anymore to my son and they have the audacity to ask for more money.

So today, the baranggay came over to serve a hearing notice. We chatted and they commented that the mother of my ex was peeking. I thought they meant peeking through the windows coz they are fond of doing that. Much to my surprise, when I turned around, she was literally outside her house, standing in the garden, STARING at us.

It was so freaky, so wrong, and so unethical. My Mom did not finish school but she knows what is wrong and right, and she has breeding. My ex's family all finished and has a degree but they do not have breeding. Guess it really shows that earning a degree does not mean you earn breeding as well.


  1. ((( Hugs ))) I hope everything will be settled in a peaceful manner.

  2. I'm glad you're not part of that family anymore. Sounds awful.

  3. @ rachel: I hope so too. I've been wishing that for some time now.

    @ daddy: Glad to not be part of fake churchgoers who are actual slime. Lol.


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