Friday, January 30, 2009

last will and testament

I just made mine. The feeling was beyond surreal and the editing that I did leaves me feeling hollow. I'm only 28. I shouldn't be thinking of this but I am. I fear for my life and I need to be sure B does not fall into the hands of someone I do not trust. I hope that this won't be needed for a very long time, at least 60 more years.


  1. I've never thought of making one yet but it's always good to have assurances like that.

  2. I wrote mine when I was 20. It hasn't been needed yet, obviously since I'm here, but I have had close calls when I've been happy that I have already done it. I don't want my kids to fall into the wrong hands either.

  3. You have a life ahead of you but I can't blame you for doing this. You gave me an idea to make my own last will and testament.

    BTW, thanks for letting me know that you are there. Soon everything will be fine.

  4. I didn't think about stuff like that until I had my first kid.


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