Tuesday, August 1, 2006

everyone has a soft side ...

Just had lunch at Salt and Pepper near Valero Street with L and B and it was really good ... whatever it was that I ordered anyway. Some sort of Seafood Puttanesca but instead of having pasta, it came with rice.

Now the funniest thing happened when we were on our way back to the office. L was smoking so I said to B that I would just hang on to him for dear life since my flip flops was really slippery. So there we were walking when this car splashed us with a puddle. I should have screamed "Eeekkkk!" right? I wasn't able to.

B, who was the morning shift heartthrob suddenly screamed "aaayyyyy! damn you" in the most gayish voice I've ever heard a man use. I was so shocked that I ended up laughing ang laughing at him all the way back to the office. Now L couldn't possibly let that pass by without saying anything so he asked, "Dude, was that you? I thought it was Kay."

I answered with, "Nope. He screamed enough for both of us."

And of course B had the last word. He uttered these words: "Everyone has a soft side."

Yeah B, everyone has a soft side. =p

*rolling on the floor laughing her ass off*

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