Saturday, August 5, 2006

every angel's right ...

I never could fathom how some people can just give birth over and over again and not be able to take care of their kid. Why give birth? How can you have the heart to bear children only to let them suffer? How can you do that to those poor children? They didn't ask to be born?

It just breaks my heart when I see or hear about those poor babies. Maybe they are better off in those orphanage; maybe not. What I know is that they deserve much better; they deserve to be loved, taken cared of, educated, and to grow up knowing that they are meant to do great things.

So for you out there who has a soft heart and some cash to spare (yes, you, the one holding on to your mocha frappe) here's the CRIB Wishlist and here's Toni's blog that you can access to help her help these angels.

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