The Green Monster

I guess I am jealous. I just hate what's happening. Okay, so as not to confuse you guys ... here's the deal. I introduced a friend to a college buddy of mine. I was not setting them up. I just wanted to be with my college buddy and guy friend wanted to meet up as well. Let's call them P (friend) and F (college buddy.)

Wonder of all wonders, P and F actually got along. Now they're "dating." I've no problems with that. Okay, I'm lying. I do. It's just weird. I don't know about you but to me it is. Or maybe I'm being my mean, spiteful self once again.

I just got upset today. F and I were supposed to watch a film tomorrow, together. US time. Bonding time between the girls. Then F tells me that P is gonna be with us and is even bringing a friend along. WTF?!?!?! I thought she missed hanging out with me? You know, just us two??? And then P tells me a couple of hours later that "they thought of bringing me along coz they know I was feeling rotten." Wow! How touching.


* I love F to bits and pieces but I guess I'm not used to sharing her with someone. I'm used to having her attention all to myself. I'm a bad friend I know I am but I can't help it.

As for P, I thank you for the chocolate cake you got me when I was bitching but right now you're not on my list of favorite people.

** update! August 7 at 7:00 am ...

Everything's cool now. Gave P a piece of my mind and F and I talked so it's cool now. She said that I'm way more important the P and that she won't let me go through losing another bestfriend to a guy. Yey! Love you F. =)