Tuesday, August 15, 2006

sinfully deliscious

We celebrated my Dad's 56th birthday last Sunday and as with all birthdays, there need to be a cake. So there we were at Mall of Asia, faced with the dilemma of choosing which birthday cake to get. Should we get from Red Ribbon? Goldilocks? Hhmmm ... Starbucks.

Before anyone reacts with "But it's so expensive there!" lemme tell you this. The chocolate cake, yes the really sinful one pictured below, is actually quite cheap. It's only P500 for the entire cake. And that's not just a commercial cake. This one is homemade and is sinfully deliscious.

That cake above was so deliscious that it disappeared so fast we all wondered where it went. Dang! So what are you waiting for, get your butt up that chair and get this mouth watering chocolate cake from Starbuko. It's really worth every peso. =p

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