Monday, August 7, 2006

hitting myself on the head with a stone

This is what's going to be happening to be later on. I'm gonna be watching a movie with a friend of mine. Not just any movie but one that everyone who has seen it swears scared the living daylights out of them. I just hope I survive it.

See, I'm not the bravest of souls. I'm the first to scream when something suddenly falls or someone touches me from behind when I'm focused on something else. My hubby has actually made it a practice to startle me whenever I get home and he's sound asleep in bed or so I thought.

What he would do is open his eyes a lil bit to see where I am (either putting my bag on the desk or taking off my shoes) and then he would scream and fake a lunge. Of course me being caught off guard, I'd scream like hell. He would then fall into a fit of laughter.

Argh!!! I hate it when he does that.

So why am I going to a cinema with a lifesize screen ... pay the outrageous prize for the ticket and proceed to scare myself silly for the next one hour and a half? Maybe there's just something comforting with hitting yourself on the head multiple times. =p

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