Friday, August 11, 2006

Feast 106 Ed 7

Tell about a toy you remember from your childhood.
- this would have to be my Shirley the Bride doll ... I used to love her to bits and pieces .. .she as about 4 feet and wore a wedding dress .. .when you tip her or lay her down, she would close her blue green eyes ... then I saw Chucky and I ended up being scared that she might come alive and kill me so I donated her somewhere ... wonder where she is now?

If you could make one thing in the world absolutely free for everyone, what would it be?
- food .. so that no one would ever starve ...

Approximately how many times per day do you think about your significant other?
- uhm ... I don't really count but I guess more than 5x ...

Main Course
What is something you believe in 100%?
- that every mother will kill for their child ...

Name one thing you have done this week that you would consider a "good deed."
- secret. I don't wanna ruin my reputation as a bitch! LoL! Seriously, I've been scouting people to donate stuff for the CRIB wishlist. So if anyone has anything to give, please contact me.

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