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I met up with my childhood friend Allan today. He was going with me to some far off place in the city because a co-book club member sent me books from Canada. The only catch is that I would need to get it from her Mom's place somewhere in the North.

I live in the South. I am utterly hopeless as well when it comes to directions and I am certified to be geographically challenged.

This is the reason why my best friend had to go with me. He wasn't in the mood to be part of a search party should I go missing. Besides, I was gonna feed him after.

We ended up walking more than a mile. I do not exaggerate. However, when I saw the books, I felt super happy. After, I was thinking "wtf?!" I say this because there were over 20 books and even though I may be big, I am also mostly fluff.

Translation: completely worthless in lifting things.

These are the times that a male best friend is precious. He lifted these things the whole time and complained rarely. Add to the fact that I apparently looked like the eternal lost child he had to contend with and it was a recipe for an afternoon of heckling, him being the heckler and me the recipient who couldn't complain because I might find myself lost in the North with 2 big bags of books.

Before going home, we ended up at this little eatery that we chanced on. It was called CENCIO'S. It is located at G/F Dytronix Building Bagong Barrio District Edsa Caloocan City.

On the outside it did not look anything special but I was surprised to see that it was actually pretty homey on the inside. Best part? The pork sisig I had was actually pretty good. For photos of the menu and place, click here.

pork sisig Php79

He took me to the bus station and off I went home. It took me 2 hours but I slept the whole time. Yes, I was that tired. Still, it was worth it. I got to spend time with my friend (blech! haha) and I got a whole lot of books. What's not to love?

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  1. dami mong dapat basahin......puwede ba tayo mag exchange link......

  2. OMG! You were in the monumento area.. @__@ I pass by that resto almost everyday when I go to qc!!! Let me know when you'll be visiting the north next time, I can be your tour guide.. ^^ I'm useless when it comes to lifting heavy things though.

  3. Andami dami lang libro...

    Worth the trip!