Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Vision Board: Goals for 2019

For 2017, I made this post. Half of the things I listed actually happened.

For 2018, I made this post. Only one thing happened but it was the most important. I was not able to get an Innova but I was able to buy a second-hand Cefiro.

For 2019, here are my goals.


1. Save MONEY.

For this to happen, I joined our weekly paluwagan. I also am doing the INVISIBLE MONEY challenge so for every Php50 that I come across, it goes straight to Little Miss Piggy. I am also saving all the Php5 that I get in a coin bank.

2. Be healthy.

I did not say be fit or be thin. I said, be healthy. This means to eat more greens and fruits. Eat less chips, soda, and rice. I will also do more walking and play Just Dance so I have a bit of cardio.

3. Insurance.

I hope that this year, I will finally be able to start an insurance fund.

4. YouTube / Facebook LIVE ala Jeffree Star.

I hope to overcome my fear of doing regular live stream and be finally able to embrace it.

5. Attend marketing conferences so I can learn more and be better at my job.

6. Travel with my son to Singapore.

7. Famuly trip to Kota Kinabalu or Taiwan.

8. Downpayment for a house.

I don't know how I will be able to accomplish everything but as what everyone says, it always starts with a dream and one way that I know I will be able to make this happen is by doing a no-buy year.

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  1. I am sooo happy you're doing this my dear Kathy :-)
    Keep doing this, you will do great!
    Law of attraction is very very powerful!

    God bless you dreams!


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