3 Steps to Start your No Buy Year

10 days in and I still feel quite inspired about my no buy year. I know I know, hello it's only been 10 days but trust me when I say that the fact that I have gone to Cebu City and not gotten myself a snow globe or a magnet at the very least is quite a feat. 

I did realize that soon as I got back from vacation, the temptations were all too real. I open my phone and it's everywhere. This made me realize that there are certain things that one needs to do when embarking on a no buy year. 

Click on HIDE AD 

ADS are everywhere especially on Facebook. If you are like me who used to look up all the latest trends and must have make up, you will be bombarbed by ads. What I do now is to click on the three dots on the upper right and then click on HIDE AD.

After, click on SEEN TOO MUCH and then done. 

There, never have to see that AD again. 


I'm not saying that these brands are evil. I am just saying that just like the snake, they are temptation and they will lure you in. You don't want that to happen so make sure you stop following the brands for good. Right now though, you are just at the beginning of your journey so your willpower might not be as strong yet.

Better to unfollow than to go on a shopping spree of things you do not need in your life. 

Unfollow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Tag them as SPAM in your email. AVOID them like the plague. Seriously.


When I say shop your stash, it means that you need to take an inventory of everything that you have. Scary right? I know I'm scared. The thought of actually counting down the number of things that I have per item is pretty daunting.

However, this is the one thing that needs to be done so you cannot miss on this step. It will help you realize the amount of stuff you actually own which was the reason why you started with the no buy year. Last count I did, I had over 300+ lipsticks which I then trimmed down to 100+. My goal now is to cut it down to 50 and then make sure to use it all up.

I also had over 50+ pair of shoes and have come to realize that I use less than 10. Sheesh.

Now that I want to do more of an intentional living and intentional lifestyle, I've realized that I really need to just focus on the things that I actually use, make me happy, and give me joy. Accumulating things used to make me happy for a moment but now that I have learned to love myself, forgive myself, and be content with what I have, I've realized that I no longer need the validation that material things provide. I also no longer experience FOMO which is why I am able to let go of things.

How about you? Are you ready for new things to happen?

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