Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Eden Celebrates Birthdays of Unsung Heroes

Sometimes, we need to recognize the so-called small people in our life. You know, the ones who make life easier and better in their own small ways.

It doesn't need to be anything crazy. It can be something as simple as a home cooked meal like spaghetti or a newly invented meal.

Because everybody loves surprises, Eden Cheese recently threw surprise birthday parties for two very special and selfless unsung heroes.

The first hero is Marietta Tolentino, a mother of three who is also a fire and rescue volunteer. She dedicates her every day to lend a helping hand at the Sampaloc Fire Station in Manila. Her volunteer work requires her to risk her safety for the benefit of her community. As a special treat for her birthday, a surprise party was organized in her fire station wherein her family and friends celebrated her goodness. This celebration was made complete and delicious by Pinoy-Style Spaghetti topped with Eden Cheese. The staple for any Birthday celebration!

The second hero is a Filipino high school teacher, Jolizbeth ‘Dyali’ Justo. Aside from teaching at her day job in Sauyo High School, Dyali is also a volunteer teacher for children with special needs who cannot attend regular school. Her heart is golden and the impact she has on the community is unmatched. Her surprise birthday party was celebrated with her family, friends, and her students.

Marietta and Dyali are few of many people whose goodness deserves to be celebrated. What better way to honor these people by celebrating their birthdays with Eden’s goodness. Everybody knows that a birthday party is not complete without the all-time favorite Pinoy Spaghetti. For special moments like these, you just have to top it off with none other than Eden cheese, the country’s beloved cheese brand, which is packed with milk and real cheese and is a classic Birthday celebration ingredient too.

In our home, we changed things up a bit and made sweet and sour fish with cheese toppings. It looks weird but it was actually really good and even our helpers loved it. This was our way of saying thanks to them for making our lives easier.

What have you done for someone who made life easy?

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