Wednesday, October 2, 2019

5 Things that I Crave For

I'm pregnant and that means I have mad cravings. It's so erratic and crazy that sometimes, even I am overwhelmed so I decided to list down the 5 things that I have been badly craving for.

1. Pastillas 

Nope, not talking about the soft ones. I'm looking for the hard pastillas that comes all the way from Bulacan. M literally had to go all the way to Bulacan to get me some. Another acquaintance also managed to procure them for me but I have to stop eating since the baby is already growing too much.

2. Sweet Mangoes 

I know it's not the season which is really sad since all the mangoes that we've got is not sweet at all.

3. Window Cathedral from Goldilocks

This has been a personal favorite of mine. Now that I am pregnant, I realize that I keep looking for white or yellowish things. I can actually finish an entire thing all by myself but my Mom will kill me if I do.

4. Pianono

This used to be a childhood favorite and I haven't looked for this now that I have gotten old but suddenly, I found myself looking for this. Sadly, the new one that I got yesterday was stolen by my cat. Ugh.

5.  Soup 

This has been the one thing that has remained consistent in the 5 months of my pregnancy. I have craved for soup in almost every single meal. I even cried one time when I wasn't served soup in an event. It was so embarrassing but I couldn't do anything. The tears just came and wouldn't stop.

What was the craziest craving you have ever had?

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