Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Black Scoop Cafe in BFRV

I've been so lazy lately that I have just wanted to stay home. However, I found out that Black Scoop Cafe just opened nearby. I've been wanting to give this place a try since I first heard of it but most establishments were in the North so I couldn't pass up the chance to try it.

However, pregnancy hormones got the better of me so I found myself stuck to my couch. I did the next best thing I could possibly do. I had someone go to the store and buy for me.

I got the Milk Tea Ice Cream. This one was SO GOOD. The taste of milk tea was definitely present but not overwhelming. It was just right!

The Brown Sugar Milk Tea was just average though. I wasn't impressed with this one. It was just another milk tea. I felt a bit disappointed.

Would I try the other drinks and food that they have? Definitely. I just won't order their Brown Sugar Milk Tea anymore.

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