Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Lazada Warehouse Tour featuring The Milk Guarantee Promise

As a Mom, there are several things that I look for when I buy things. I want it to be fast, easy, convenient, and most of all secure. 

When it comes to the milk I give my son, I always make sure that the expiry date has not passed and that there is at least a year before it will go bad. 

I used to feel iffy about ordering milk products online or any food items for that matter. What if it's expired? What if it's been opened? What if they send the wrong brand? What if it's authentic?

However, after going on a tour of the Lazada Warehouse in Cabuyao, my worries have been quelched. 

The Lazada Warehouse Tour that I participate in focused on The Milk Guarantee Promise. This means that for every order, it needs to meet 3 standards. 

  1. at least 6 months to expiry 
  2. next day delivery (if within Metro Manila) 
  3. Authentic

Today, Lazada launched the LazMall Milk Guarantee program, providing moms with the convenience and full confidence to purchase milk formula online. The program is a partnership with renowned milk companies namely Nestle, Wyeth, Reckitt Benckiser Abbott, and Nutricia, to assure consumers that only high-quality, authentic and fresh milk are available on Lazada’s LazMall platform. 


Only infant milk formula, growing up milk and maternal milk from official brands and official distributors in the Philippines are sold on Lazada’s LazMall platform. All milk products are 100 percent authentic and are sourced directly from the milk brands.

The program guarantees that all milk formula products for outbound are at least 6 (six) months from their expiry dates.


Lazada warehouse employees are professionally trained to handle and fulfil orders in accordance with the quality and best practices upheld by the Milk Industry. These milk products are securely stored in Lazada’s warehouse to ensure that product quality is maintained at its best.

Worry and Hassle-Free Online Shopping Experience 
With Lazada’s logistics capabilities, all milk products ordered under the Milk Guarantee Program will be delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep within the next day.

Customers are provided with multiple payment options and are updated through SMS and email regarding the status of their orders. 

Seal of Milk Guarantee
All milk products covered by the LazMall Milk Guarantee Program will have the green seal of authenticity and freshness as seen below. Now, mothers will never have to worry when purchasing their trusted milk products online. 

To learn more about the program, and to shop your favourite milk products under the Milk Guarantee Program, visit http://bit.ly/LazMallMilkGuarantee.

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