Sunday, October 27, 2019

Aice Ice Cream

I kept seeing photos of this ice cream brand popping on my feed. It's called Aice and based on the little that I know, it comes from Singapore but was distributed in Indonesia.

I finally chanced upon it when I went for a stroll inside our village. I was lucky enough to buy 11 flavors and really try all of it, one by one.

Here's my verdict on each one.

The Semangka or watermelon is very refreshing. It reminds me of the popsicle sticks that I've had when I was younger.  The Milk Melon can definitely give Melona a run for their money and at the price that it's being sold, Melona must be shaking now.

The Mango is really good and actually tastes like one. I couldn't wait for my Mom to taste it because she's a big fan of mangoes. I honestly think she will love this. A lot of people like the corn flavor and have been raving about it but I personally did not like the sweet corn flavor. I don't know. It just didn't taste good for me. M is a big fan of mochi on the other hand. He really, really liked it.

The Chocolate is so-so. There's nothing special about it.  The Coffee Crispy will kick you in the face. It's coffee literally turned into ice cream. The Nanas or pineapple reminds me of the Watermelon and gives you that 80s popsicle vibe.

The Chocolate Crispy is probably one of the best in this series though. IT IS SO GOOD. It is the poor man's version of Magnum. The Strawberry Crispy is equally good. My son ate all 2 sticks and still wanted more. Know that he is not a fan of sweet things and normally gets tired of ice cream after a small serving. As for the Milk, it's pretty good but not amazing. 

Here's the price for the different Aice Ice Cream. It's not available in all supermarkets. This one, I found in a nearby neighborhood convenience store.

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