doTERRA’s Clearify Essential Oil

Last night, I had a really stuffy nose. I couldn't breathe properly and I had the worse headache. At 8pm, I was very sleepy but was having a hard time breathing.

I decided to use Clearify to help me breathe more properly and hopefully clean my nasal passageway. Clearify contains  Litsea Oil, Tangerine Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Frankincense Oil, and Cardamom Oil which when combined, gives off a really aromatic scent.

Eventhough I had stuffy nose and couldn't smell anything, I was able to smell Clearify and it really made me feel better. I actually fell asleep right after and was out for about 5 hours straight.

doTERRA’s Clearify is an aromatic blend of essential oils for an invigorating and refreshing aroma. Clearify includes Litsea essential oil which is a fresh stimulating aroma. Clearify also includes Tangerine and Grapefruit essential oils known to be uplifting to the senses, and Frankincense whose aroma promotes feelings of relaxation. Cardamom essential oil has a warming, spicy aroma. Clearify is ideal to be diffused in the home or workplace.

I woke up feeling better and with a not so stuffy nose. It seems this thing actually works which makes me really, really happy.

Since I am 5 months pregnant, I'm not able to drink any medicine which is why I thought of Clearify. M proceeded to put some oils in our diffuser and it really worked wonders. It has now become one of my go-to oils.

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  1. Great to know DoTERRA's Clearify worked for your stuffy nose. I haven't personally used it yet but I've tried some Young Living and Eden's Garden essential oils. I have a roller bottle mix called stress away which mainly has lavender. It's very relaxing and helpful when I have a headache. I think it's great that these days we have alternative options for common ailments.


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