Tuesday, September 3, 2019

on fighting and communicating

On the last day of Ghost Month, I got hit by it's misfortune pretty badly.

I had a falling out with a friend that started out with a lie and then I had the biggest fight to date with M. This fight was so bad that it almost literally ended things between us.

Looking back, I've come to realize that when we fight with people, when we are still reeling from emotions, the only thing we want to be is to be right. We're not ready to listen to reason or anything that the other person has to say.

Every word will be wrong. Every action will be negative. Every move, something that will be interpreted as making things worse.

When emotions finally tone down and communication begins, that's when things finally get sorted out. Sometimes you realize that you may have overreacted, sometimes you realize that it needed to happen. Sometimes you realize that it's just not worth more time and emotion.

I've never liked fighting but it does happen. Lately, I'm learning to just say my piece and then leave things alone. If things get patched up, great. If not, it's fine as well.

Maybe it's pride. Maybe it's just learning to move on quickly and not crying over spilled milk. I don't really know and don't care to anymore.

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1 comment:

  1. I had a similar experience a few months ago, I am no longer talking to this friend and in all honesty, I feel a lot better now about it.


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