Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Review of the Plantronics Backbeat GO 600 Series

I've been using this over-ear wireless headphones for the last two weeks to test and see if it was actually comfortable to use. You see, I used to love these type of head phones which cover the ears completely but the one I used to have broke easily or heat up.

I was hoping that these wouldn't be a problem with the Plantronics version because Plantronics is known for providing comfortable headphones.

When you open the box of Plantronics Backbeat GO 600 Series, this is what you will see. The headset is inside a pouch and it comes with a cord in case you don't want to use the Bluetooth functionality.

It also comes with the standard cable charger. 

The headphones have a letter inside them to indicate which one is meant for the left ear and which one is meant for the right ear. This is good for people like me who prefer to know beforehand which side goes where. It's a small thing but it matters.

The headphones look sturdy which is important because the price point for this is not cheap but also not too outrageous. It's midrange so bang for buck matters.

It can be extended for those who may have a different head size and buttons are easy to identify. I personally hate it when there are too many buttons or there are buttons with no identifying mark. I want to listen to my music, not guess what the buttons are for.

After using this for two weeks, I can say that this is definitely recommended to anyone looking for a midrange headphone.

It cancels out mild noise but you'd still hear incoming traffic which is very important unless you've maxed out the volume level. My ears did not heat up even when I wore it for 5 hours straight nor did my ears become sweaty (yes, this happened with other headphones.)

Sound quality is more than good and I can hear the bass very well. It's not scattered at all and the quality is very crisp.

Battery life is also very good since it averages 15 - 18 hours when used non-stop. It's more than enough playtime in a day and even if you forget to charge it for the next day, there's more than enough juice to keep things going.

As for the price, at Php4,395, it is more than reasonable. You get a quality headset that's easy to wear anywhere and the sound quality is more than great. What more can you ask for?

You can buy the Plantronics Backbeat GO 600 Series here.

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  1. I would love to test out these headphones, I am actually in the market for headphones. I will try these ones out when i get the chance.

  2. It looks and sounds great. Thanks for the review. Nice blog.

  3. Nice post,it looks the review of over-ear wireless headphones.

  4. Sounds like a great product to have. I'm in need of new headphones!

  5. Chelsea Sauve - WandureMarch 26, 2020 at 10:54 PM

    These sound like a fabulous purchase - I know that I love my over the ears headphones! Huge fan.

  6. Wow! Such an amazing headphones, the design is very slick and mesmerizing. Loved the black theme of this model.

  7. What a neat item. I would love to buy these headphones to try them out as I am a music lvoer!

  8. There are so many cool and good headphones. I love that you enjoy using them.

  9. This is an investment that will give you so much pleasure.

  10. Look like really good headphones. I bet the sound on these are amazing!

  11. That is indeed a pretty good review, with all the apt details.


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