Monday, September 9, 2019

5 apps to help you become more productive and organized

Even in this digital and information age, there are plenty of naysayers who deride the Internet and technology as “distractions” and hindrances to productivity. However, there are many useful apps developed by busy innovators designed to help their tribe: people who must make sense of loads of schedules and information, or who must at least begin to get organized in their work and personal pursuits. Are you one of those people? Then check out some of our apps that can help you stay focused on tasks and make the best use of your time each day!

1.    To-Do
Is your to-do list all over the place, or are you having trouble keeping up with reminders? Do you end up forgetting to send important emails? Are you having trouble keeping track of reminders and posts scattered across different apps? Solve all of that with To-Do, your one-stop app for organizing. Not only does it keep your schedules, timetables, and event calendars all in one location, it can be used to coordinate your emails and sync with your other apps. Basically, you will never need to wade through a sea of screens again! If you’ve been using Wunderlist, this app is touted as being its successor, making migration an easy thing.

2.    Evernote
Are you the sort who comes up with solutions while away from your desk or office? Never lose an idea again with this tried and true app, Evernote. More than being a simple onscreen jot pad, Evernote can also function as a to-do list and organizer. It can also be used to scan and organize handwritten notes, making it perfect for those who still prefer notebooks and sticky notes for the initial processes of brainstorming. Like other apps in its league, Evernote is easy to sync with your email and with other work apps, thus making it easier for you to go from merely scratching out ideas all the way to presenting them in a meeting.

3.    Pocket
It happens: you are looking through an interesting article, something comes up, and you lose track of what you were reading….and can never find it again. Nix the frustration with Pocket, which allows you to save articles, videos, and tabs for later use and reference. You can organize and curate your saved tabs under various headers to help you access them more easily. Although originally designed for desktops, it has since evolved to interface on various mobile platforms, making it your ultimate on-the-go repository for your hobbies and interests.

4.    Forest
Is hopping on and off your social media eating up too much of your time? Are you often glued to your screen when you really should be at work? Abolish these habits with the help of Forest, a fun app that will keep you productive and your screen occupied for as long as necessary. The longer you stay focused on your task, the longer you can grow your forest---and your progress is set back if you open another app on your phone or switch out to do something else. Need added support? Use the leaderboard so you and your friends can see who can grow their forest the longest!

5.    Calm
Sometimes the dizzying pace of work may leave you frazzled and unfocused. Keep your head cool and your pace unhurried with the help of Calm. This app offers a wide range of background music, guided and unguided meditations, and other exercises that can help you stay centered throughout the day. You can even use this app to help you slowly wind down once work is done and get a restful sleep at night. Now that is one way to build your productivity!

There is a whole sea of productivity apps out there, designed for all kinds of work habits and schedules. After all, there is no one solution to the varying stresses and bugaboos that plague the workplace; only strategies to manage each situation and collaborate for better teamwork. We hope that our recommendations will help you find the app or combination of apps that will enhance your productivity and improve your work-life balance. Good luck.

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