Tuesday, September 10, 2019

7 gardening tips to cope with the rainy days

Gray skies and storms can really out a damper on the plans and spirits of enthusiasts of outdoor activities such as gardening. Regardless of the season, there are always tips and tricks that anyone can use to keep that green thumb nurtured. Read on for 7 of our gardening tips to help cope with rainy days, and those few occasions when the sun is out!

Rain, Rain Go Away

1.    Make New Green Spaces in the House
All that time indoors is a great opportunity to survey all the idle or unused areas in the house, which would otherwise be filled with dust and clutter. Perhaps one or more of these places can benefit from a little greenery? See if there are corners that can accommodate a new potted plant, or if windowsills and terraces can be converted into mini-gardens. Just make sure your new green spaces have adequate sunlight, and will not pose harm to small children or pets in residence!

2.    Plant Good Things to Eat
Decided on a kitchen garden? You’re in luck! This is the best place to plant stuff that can literally go from your pot to your table. You can start with a simple row of basic kitchen herbs such as basil and rosemary, or go as far as planting vegetables. If you are feeling ambitious, try salad greens such as lettuces and various sprouts? Best of all, you can be sure the stuff you are putting in your food is free of harmful pesticides and other chemicals.

3.    Spruce Up Pots and Planters
Nothing spells “monotonous” more than row upon row of featureless plastic or terracotta pots. Bring some cheer into your indoor planting by trying out new pots and planters of different shapes and colors. If you have a DIY streak, you can convert large tins, buckets, or just about any receptacle into a pot. Just make sure that your new pot has enough drainage so that your plants will not get waterlogged.

4.    Try Out Cuttings
Cuttings are the easiest way to propagate a wide variety of ornamental and kitchen plants. This is particularly true of plants that are difficult to raise from seeds. Since the extreme heat of summer is over, small cuttings have a better chance of surviving. Cuttings can be easily nurtured in small pots or receptacles kept indoors until they gain enough roots and height to be transplanted outside. If successful, cuttings can be even given away as presents or made part of a small business! 

Here Comes the Sun

5.    Build a Bird House
Our feathered friends also come up short on food and shelter during the rainy season. Help them out by building a bird house in their favorite tree on your property and filling it up with some bird seed ever so often. In return, birds will help keep your garden free of pests and cheer up the place with their unique songs.

6.    Prune and Prune
Plants can benefit from a good trim every now and then. The rainy season is a good time to prune since plants can recover more easily when they do not have to contend with rising temperatures. On a sunny or slightly overcast day, take out those pruning shears and lop off dead and dying branches, or branches that pose a potential hazard to power lines and other infrastructure during storms. One caveat though: for tall trees, ask help from professionals.

7.    Raise the Beds
Keep your delicate plants from being swamped during storms by taking the opportunity to raise their planters or beds. This might require some restructuring in the garden, so it is best to wait for a good weather forecast before executing this project. Regardless of location or height of plant beds, always reinforce their walls and check for cracks that may grow larger with water damage.

Gardening is a noble pursuit that need not wait for clear skies; in fact it is something that should be done regardless of the season. We hope these tips will help you maintain your home garden and perhaps even bring a little of it indoors on the bleakest days.

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