Thursday, May 16, 2019

Tim Hortons now offers Milk Tea

Yes you read that right! Tim Hortons now has milk tea on their menu and I couldn't be any happier. After all, they have the Double Double and the best Bavarian Cream and now, mill tea!

The Tim Hortons Milk Tea is made from Tim's signature brewed black tea and is sweetened with vanilla base and sugar poured over a bed of coffee jelly.

Sorry, no pearl guys.

You can add a flavor of caramel or hazelnut and if you're feeling a bit indulgent, add both for Php20 each shot.

Tim Hortons Milk Tea is NOT available in all stores though so make sure you visit only the following branches for your Tim Hortons Milk Tea craving.

Net Quad, SM San Lazaro, CEU, UN Square Mall, SLC Building, L'Ermitage, Uptown Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, Pearl Plaza, and San Lorenzo Place.

Now it's time for my impression on the Tim Hortons Milk Tea. For me, I LOVE it because it's sweet, tastes like legit milk tea, and comes with coffee jelly. Absolutely no complaints on my end but for those who don't like things being too sweet, you can have them lower the sweetness level and even add a shot of espresso.

You can also pair it with muffin, grilled cheese, or bagel which is my personal favorite.

Tim Hortons Milk Tea costs Php110 for small, Php125 for medium, and Php135 for large.


  1. Milk tea is so popular now, there are so may stores offering Milk tea. I'm not sure if I can try the Milk Tea of Tim Hortons because it is not available in our area.

  2. I don't really take to milk tea, too much, but my kids love Tim Hortons and so we take them there as much as we can. I'm a bagel person, too.


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