Thursday, May 9, 2019

Malagos Chocolate Collection from Max's Corner Bakery

One of the best things you can give someone is chocolate and it becomes even more special when it's Malagos Chocolate which is a Heirloom Cacao that stems all the way from Davao. Thankfully, there's no need for us to hop on a plane and go to Davao to enjoy these Malagos Chocolates.

Now available at your nearest Max's Restaurant stores, the Malagos Chocolate Collection features the distinct and pronounced taste of the Malagos chocolate. Made from high quality cocoa, it is a single origin fine flavor chocolate that has been awarded multiple times and I got to try them all!

This decadent Chocolate Malagos Mousse Cake is THE BOMB. I could be biased though because I love chocolate mousse as it is but this version, YUM.

It's moist chocolate fudge cake topped with crunchy Malagos chocolate and fluffy mousse is the very definition of decadence and indulgence. Rich whipped cream and garnished with chocolate syrup, the Malagos cocoa nibs and dark chocolate shavings is definitely out to make everyone's chocolate dreams come true.

The best part is that this cake costs only Php699.

They also have the Malagos Brownies and Malagos Caramel Bars which are bite sized treats that are fudgy, moist, and bittersweet. I personally prefer the brownies over the caramel bars that have Malagos sprinkles. 

The brownies can be yours for Php160 for a box of 6. I could definitely finish one box all by myself but I probably shouldn't. The caramel bars costs Php115 for a box of 9 and Php237 for a box of 18.

My Mom loved the cake bdw so thank you Max. These treats were truly a treat.

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