Thursday, May 9, 2019

Aqua Plus Series

Since I became older, the quest for the perfect skin care has been quite a challenge. When I was younger, I could afford to just use anything and not worry. Now, I need to be more picky with the things that I use on my face because my skin can no longer bounce back as fast as it used to.

A few weeks ago, I was able to get my hands on a new product called the  Aqua Plus Series which promises to help with anti-ageing and whitening. It uses  paraben free, alcohol free, and non-comedogenic ingredients.

I got the Purifying Cleansing Water, the Soothing PurifyingToner,  the Radiance Intensive Essence, and the Smoothing-Bright Soft Scrub Essence.

Let's talk about the Purifying Cleansing Water which is suitable for all skin types. This pampers and refreshes your skin with nourishing agent. It actually serves as a gentle wipe-off cleanser that helps remove impurities, make up, and excessive oil in one swipe. It also works on waterproof and long lasting make up which is really good.

I've used this on my Maybelline Super Stay lippies and it was able to take most of it off.

The radiance intensive essence is a super brightening serum that was created to diminish stubborn dark spots and prevent future pigmentation from appearing to create a more luminous from within radiance. Think tuktuk skin.

I loved this toner because it was mild but it did the job. It's weightless and gently refines the skin by thoroughly removing impurities and dead skin cells. I use this after the cleanser and it guarantees that my skin is clean before I go to sleep.

This was the one that confused me a little bit. The ultra gentle exfoliating soft beads were really soft and ultra that I had to take a hard look to see that it did have the micro beads. I guess I was used to the more rough one so this was definitely a change of pace.

I love that Aqua Plus Series has stepped up their game and enhanced what has been the norm. I feel that used often, this would yield great results and will definitely achieve clear, softer, and radiant skin.

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