Is your Kid Hydrated?

83% of kids are not drinking enough. This is alarming because as a kid, they should be drinking at least 7 - 11 glasses of water a day.

But why does it matter?

Water helps keep your temperature normal. Besides being an important part of the fluids in your body, water is needed by each cell to work. Your body doesn't get water only from drinking water. Any fluid you drink will contain water, but water and milk are the best choices because water in it's purest state is the healthiest while milk contains calcium which aids in bone health.

What if your kid still doesn't consume 7-11 glasses of water a day?

Different kids have different ways of drinking their fill. As parents, we need to find more ways to get our children to drink the necessary number of glasses of water to ensure they stay hydrated.

My son needs to be constantly reminded about water intake but when reminded, he can drink 3 glasses in one sitting. However, when I don't remind him, he forgets and ends up drinking half a glass only per meal.

So though water is a great source, some kids just can't drink enough of it and this is where Tang comes into play. Tang makes drinking more enjoyable and fun for kids. With over 18 choices available, Tang provides a valuable add on to ensure that your kid stays hydrated and fill the hydration gap.

IMPT NOTE: Tang juice drink is simply an add on to help kids reach 7-11, glasses a day of water. Water still needs to be the main source of hydration.

The #UHAWareYou campaign was launched to encourage parents to check on their kids' state ofhydration and take measures to make sure their child intakes the right amount of fluids available through various ways.

You see, there are kids who will voluntarily dehydrate themselves because they don't want to be bothered while playing. Sometimes, they are just not interested in drinking water. The best solution is to make drinking fluids more fun for them.

A few suggestions I gathered from my readers are:

1. Drink with them. Kids mimic what adults do so when you drink fluids with them, they will be more inclined to do the same.
2. Get your kids to choose their water bottle. Sometimes, a cute water bottle can do the trick.
3. Get them glass or metal straws if they prefer to drink with a straw.
4. Give the juice once a day. A glass of TANG juice drink a day is not a bad way to add fluids to their fluid intake.

So, Uhaw are you today?

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  1. Heck, it's hard as an adult to stay hydrated too! I'm forcing myself to drink water right now but.. I really want a beer.

  2. Very true. I need to constantly remind my kids to have water. Thankyou for the tips, they seem quite useful.

  3. I had this issue with my son when he was little. He'd get so busy playing that he wouldn't want to stop to do much else.

  4. Awesome campaign! I don't have kids but I could use some more hydration myself. I'm terrible at it.

  5. Great information. For sure my kids are not hydrated because I have to constantly remind them to drink water. When they are at school, they usually forget.

  6. Awesome information! My kids are not hydrated because I have to keep reminding them to drink enough water. When they are at school, they usually forget.

  7. I was just about to say I think I saw this in a commercial and yes it is the same brand lol. Nice info though.. We need to stay hydrated.. all of us

  8. Great post. I love drinking water a lot to stay hydrated and teaching our kids that will be lovely.

  9. I totally agree. We sometimes neglect the importance of hydrating. Water is vital for our health and im happy that this blog advocates for this especially for the little ones

  10. True, my baby sister won't drink water until you remind her. And would forget while playing. I remember drinking tang as a kid. She likes it's flavour too. Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. Tang juice is one of my favorite juice and I didn't try the flavor of Dalandan. Drinking water is really important to avoid dehydration.

  12. That looks a good suggestion to improve drinking in kids.

  13. I know my kids need more water. Thanks for the reminder, especially with summer around the corner!

  14. this is an awesome idea, this will be helpful to those who needed hydration, andot's really hot this past few months people need to see this

  15. I am so much concerned with my kids now that I used to be. That's why always make sure that my kids has enough water to drink daily and always remind them.

  16. Drinking water is the natural and healthy way for a kid to stay hydrated, and that's why I do with my kiddo. I give her enough water

  17. Such and informative post. Will be sure to share with my friends with kids.


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