Sunday, May 12, 2019

the lessons we can learn from Tati and James

Since 2019 started, I have been religiously watching Tati, Jeffree, and James YouTube Channel.They're beauty guru's but what I loved most about them was their life. Jeffree is a fighter, Tati is that glam Mom who is grounded, loves her family, and has a loving husband, while James was the teenager who made it big.

Around the last week of April, I stopped watching James Charles. My reason was that I felt he lost his path with his YouTube channel. It felt like he was in way over his head which in a way I understood. Too much fame, too much money, and not enough maturity.

I though to myself, this kid won't last long unless he has a really good support system which he doesn't seem to have to.

Today, the downfall of James Charles finally happened and this is all because Tati decided to speak up.

She was scared to speak up. A 30+ year old woman was scared of a teenager. So, what can we learn from all this drama?

Some of you may ask, what's the connection here? What's there to relate?

There is actually a lot. In life, some people will meet you, befriend you and for a time they may be real, but then success hits and their true color shows. This is what happened with Tati and James. Tati was there for James when he was no one and now that he got so big, he just threw away that friendship.

Sadly, this is far too common for young adults. It seems that James ego got bigger than his brain and heart.

So what can we all learn from this?

1. When you have people help you when you are starting, keep them when you succeed.
2. Do not betray friends. PERIOD.
3. No one is indispensable. Everyone can be thrown off their high horse. ANYONE.
4. People love you when you're famous and rich. Only real friends will stick around when you have nothing ... that is if you haven't betrayed them yet.
5. Feet on the ground at all times or the fall could break you.

Hats off to Tati for speaking up.

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