Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Rebisco Snacks

One of the few things that remind me of my childhood is seeing a Rebisco Cracker. I remember that one of my favorite baon back then would be the Rebisco cookies filled with strawberry paired with Zesto Orange.

There was just something comforting about it.

A few weeks ago, I received a package from Rebisco and I kid you not, I was giddy because it contained so many new goodies that I have been trying out. Keyword: TRYING. It is an ongoing process because I am literally eating it almost all by myself.

This whole set of crackers and biscuits were surprisingly good. Good enough that I have been munching on this while I work from home and more than good enough that I also bring it with me when I go out and don't have the time to eat breakfast.

It's tasty and yet it doesn't add more to my weight which is always a great thing.

Rebisco also expands its product offerings with the addition of Bueno Pasta—firm but soft-to-the-bite premium pasta made with Semolina wheat. It is available in spaghetti and elbow macaroni varieties. Bueno Pasta is the perfect base to any pasta dish, and like all Rebisco snacks, is best shared and enjoyed with loved ones. 

Now this one has been something that I have been eyeing. I was curious about the Japanese Creations White Cheese. One bite was all it took for me to give it a 5 star rating. You can even pair this with wine and it's absolutely perfect. It's an awesome treat for kids and kids at heart.

Now as much as I wanna say something about these two, sadly, I didn't get a bite of it. My son finished the GumBitz in one afternoon and my Mom ate all of the Fruity Bon. If I based it on the fact that they finished it in one go, then I'd say that these two were pretty good too.

Also now available are Goofers and Cornkalog. Goofers are crunchy corn puffs with a distinctly sweet and creamy peanut butter flavor that bursts in the mouth with every bite. Cornkalog is another corn snack variety, this time with a rich and sweet corn flavor and creamy filling.

Visit your nearest sari-sari store and supermarket to enjoy these delightful new products from Rebisco.

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