Wednesday, May 8, 2019

SM Summer Stories

School is out which means it's summer and with summer!

SM pays homage to the kids because during summer season, it's all about kid's play which means parents can dress up their kids. Now dressing up the kids does not mean breaking the bank because with SM, you can find fashionable pieces at really friendly price.

SM Kids recently launched a new collection which is made to mix and match all summer long. It's simple and airy which makes it perfect for daily wear and perfect for playtime.

As you can see, all of the clothing are adaptive clothing which means that it is inclusive for all kids of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and personalities. After all, kids have their own personalities and their clothing should be able to reflect who they are.

The fashion show was in collaboration with Toy Kingdom. This newest line is meant to inspire children to simply be themselves and just be kids. It's what I loved the most about this line. There was no outfit that looked like it was meant for a grown up. The kids line was truly for kids which is something that I, as a Mom, strongly believe in.

SM Kid's collection are available in all The SM Store branches.

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