Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yoree in Molito, Alabang

Yoree opened its 2nd branch in Molito, Alabang which serves as great news to people in the South. After all, there isn't really that many Korean Barbeque restaurants in the Alabang area so this is definitely a welcome sight for the South people.

When we entered the place, each table was already set up with fresh towels and appetizers. It was definitely a sight for sore eyes especially for someone who was very hungry.  The way everything was placed made it all so appetizing.

fresh towels
coal where meat is cooked

We were initially served rice porridge which comes with the appetizers. It was small enough that it won't fill you up but hot enough to really open your appetite.

Next thing we had was the Haemul Pajeon (Php198) which is a Traditional Korean pancake made with rice and wheat flour with clams, octopus, shrimp, and green onion. I actually liked this even though it was a little bit on the heavy side. I had 3 small slices then I stopped myself from gorging on more.

The Japchae (Php198) was super good. I could have finished the entire thing all by myself but luckily, I had to split this with 3 other people on the table so I didn't eat all the calories. It would have been totally worth it though. This sauteed beef and vegetables with sweet potato noodle thing rocks.

This Gyeranjjim (Php148) is a light and fluffy steamed egg in hot stone was sinfully good. All you have to do is look at it and you'll understand why.

The  Jeyuk Bokkeum (Php298) is a premium pork chuck marinated in Yoree's signature hot and spicy sauce but when paired with these green, leafy things, you actually won't taste the spiciness that much. I had 4 of these. I don't feel bad at all though because it was healthy.

Next to Jeyuk Bokkeum, the Galbitang (Php398) is my favorite. The soup which is made of hearty beef soup with US choice short rib with ginseng, jujube, and sweet potato noodles is super tasty. The soup alone is YUMMY! This is normally served with rice and 7 side dishes. On a rainy day, this would definitely be perfect.

The Yangnyeom Galbi (Php895) is marinated USDA prime short rib with prawn and octopus.

This gets grilled and you get to cook it however you want it.

Lastly, we had dessert and this was definitely something different. The Sikhye is a Korean traditional rice punch. It was sweet but in a different way. I can't even begin to describe it but its definitely unique in a good way.

Yoree was definitely worth the trip and I cannot wait to bring my family to this place to enjoy some good ol' Korean Barbeque. After all, even THE Lea Salongas approves of the place.

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  1. I'm glad you had an enjoyable time Kathy! ❤️ Aencille is so nice & accommodating. I knew you'd hit it off right away! See you later mwah!


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