Friday, January 2, 2015

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One of the things that 2014 brought to my attention was my health or lack of health I suppose. I got very sick at the end of the year which has led me to do some drastic changes on my food intake. Now trust me when I say that this is very hard on me because I do food reviews and I have never really been picky with the food that I ate. If it was good, regardless if it was healthy or not, I would eat it.

This year, that has to change. Thankfully, I was able to start December of 2014 and so I didn't find it so hard to be a bit more picky in eating during the holiday season. So, to my readers who are possibly struggling as well when eating out especially at buffets, I hope these tips help you even a little.

1. Go for green. Choose veggies over everything else. Order that salad. Get the asparagus, cabbage, lettuce, and other green leafy things you see and consume it by the dozen. If you are not a fan of veggies, learn to love it and live it. It will be your saving grace. Besides, the side effect of consuming a  lot of greens would be a glowing skin and of course, natural detox.

2. Salmon is love. I am not really a fish person but salmon has been my saving grace. I order it whenever I see it on the menu and make sure that its cooked either steamed or grilled. I also blot out the oil just to be sure. When there's cream on top, I normally scrape it off.

3. Oatmeal. High in fiber, low in cholesterol.

4. Honey. Instead of sugar, use honey. It's way healthier and it still taste sweet.

5. Tea. When I feel full after a meal or when I eat bad food, I compensate by having tea. It helps digest the food and it also aids in detox.

6. Water. It's the best drink and there is no calories involved. What more can you ask for? Drink at least 8 glasses a day; minimum.

I'm no expert and these are just things that I do to help me in my quest to lose unwanted weight and become more fit. Join me in my journey to a fitter me this 2015.

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  1. Thank you for these tips. I realized that I am eating too much junk and that I need to choose healthier alternatives. Just like you, this 2015 I plan to eat healthy to stay healthy. :)


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