Friday, January 30, 2015

Meet My Feet

Finding a good pair of shoes that are both functional and fashionable for a little boy can be quite hard. I know this because I have a 9 year old son and it has always been a challenge to find him a good pair of shoes that won't also kill my waller. Thankfully, Meet My Feet came around.

Located on the 3rd floor of Festival Mall, I chanced upon this place in my quest of finding B a pair of shoes that is functional, fashionable, and budget friendly.

They definitely had a lot of choices for B which I really loved.

It took some time but we ended up with these two because they were the most flexible choice since it can work with both shorts and jeans.

I like that the styles are classics. I believe that children should be taught to love the classics because it never goes out of style. I also liked that the colors were not out of this world. Children have all the time to experiment with colors when they are teenagers. For now, they need to know the basics and love it. I also love that this was not heavy on the waller. The boots were Php1099 while the topsiders are Php1199.

For the Moms out there with little boys who are growing up way too fast, get a size or two higher than the current shoe size of your little one to ensure that they use it for a longer time. B is a size 1 but I got these two at size 2 just to prolong the usage. Thank God Meet My Feet now exists. Next time, I know where to go for B's fashion needs when it comes to his shoes.

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