Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crystal Jade Dining In at BGC

Crystal Jade has always been on the top of our list for Chinese restaurants. Growing up, I would always hear it as one of those highly recommended by family and friends. Since we were all Chinese, I knew that Crystal Jade must be very good then to have been able to meet the standards of my peers.

Earlier this week, my friends and I trooped over to Crystal Jade Dining in at Bonifacio Global City at my urging. I wanted them to try it for themselves so they can understand what I was talking about since I have told them nonstop about the place and in a way, built up the expectations that it was really, really good.

We started off with the Yu Sheng which is a dish served for the Chinese New Year and is something very popular with Chinese businessmen. Yu Sheng means tossing up a good fortune and with this dish, that is exactly what is required of you. You get to have fun with the dish because you need to toss up the ingredients together. If you don't join in the tossing, the prosperity will not be with you so of course my friends and I joined in the tossing frenzy. It was actually quite fun. You also need to say "Lo Hei" 7x while tossing.

Yu Sheng is a dish of fish and vegetables that is a staple among Chinese communities in Singapore and Malaysia every Chinese New Year.  It is a dish that ushers in prosperity and wealth, as it is a homonym for Yúshēng (余升) which means an increase in abundance. It is a perfect way to welcome the coming year of the ram.

Yu-Sheng before photo
the tossing
the aftermath ... still very pretty
I liked how this tasted. It was sweet, tasty, a hint of sour, nuts, and overall, it was just a mixture of all kinds of taste but it was very good. I actually had 3 servings of this and I didn't feel too bad because it was a Chinese version of a salad.

We also had the Xiao Long Bao and this time around, I just didn't care about the calories. I had 4 or 5 of this. Thankfully, my friends were very understanding and didn't throw me out for hogging it. It was very good. You need to try it out yourself so that you can believe me.

Now the roasted peking duck was another thing. I normally am not a fan of duck but with Crystal Jade, the way they cook it just makes it appetizing. My friend EV who is from Vegas and is on a diet forever ended up having 5 of the duck wrap. It was that good. Unfortunately for him, it filled him up fast because the duck is quite heavy.

Fortunately for us because there was more to come.

The Golden Sesame Balls Stuffed with Fresh Mushrooms was very heavy on the tummy so be careful how many you consume. It may look small but it takes it space on the tummy. The mushrooms inside have a salty taste to it which was a little strong but still good.

The Steamed Live Garoupa with olives was definitely something. Lovers of fish would not want to miss out on this dish. It's healthy yet tasty.

The Sauteed Assorted Vegetable with Preserved Vegetable is another healthy option for those who are conscious about their diet and body. I loved the mushroom here as well as the asparagus. It blended very well. I could have finished the plate all by myself but I think if I did that, my friends would have thrown me out for sure.

The Braised Noodles with Shredded Duck Meat & Mushroom did not look too appetizing but the taste was very appetizing. My friend Joy said the exact same thing upon tasting it. Luckily, we didn't really care much for the presentation because after all, what really matters is the taste right? The noodles in this dish were divine.

Foodie friends + awesome food = one happy me. :) Now I really understand why my friends kept saying that Crystal Jade is one of the best Chinese food places in town.

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