Monday, January 5, 2015

Vikings at SM Jazz

I know that I have previously stated that Vikings is number one on my list of buffet and the newly opened branch at SM Jazz just solidifies their hold on that title on my list.

The colorful chandelier that greeted us as soon as we came in was very comforting. It wasn't intimidating even though it was pretty big. In fact, it felt welcoming and cozy. 

The place is big but it does no feel overwhelming. How the place was designed, it felt cozy and intimate which is something you rarely find in a buffet place. I really love this vibe that SM Jazz Vikings has.

Now, on to the food. For me, these are the best sellers.

As you can see, I am a lover of seafood, salmon, nuts, and shabu shabu. I am so thankful that Vikings has such a wide array of food to choose from it can actually accommodate all my whims. I also like that their servings are huge and the seafood are all fresh which is very important since I do not fancy food poisoning.

I also love that their birthday song greetings are so different. It's not the generic song that they would perform for every table. It's always something different and something entertaining.

Its a great place to spend time with family, friends, celebrations, and even a date. It's casual and fun and always entertaining and filling.

For reservations, 0917-827-1888, 0919-999-7888 or send a private message via their facebook page.

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  1. Oh my, nagutom ako bigla with the photos! I miss the food at Vikings!


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