Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Recovery Food

I finally had the chance to try out Recovery Food in Molito, Alabang even though it has been months since I first saw it. I've always been curious about what kind of food they served and why they are open 24/7/. Today, I finally had the chance to find out myself.

The place is very stark. Itis minimalist at its finest but I actually found it comforting. It sends off the vibe that the place is there to help you recover but afterwards, it sends you off just like what any good friend would do. No mollycoddling here which during my time of visit was just fine with me.

I loved the simple design of the place, even the condiments and bottles they used to serve warm water.

The napkin dispenser is also very personalized.

I ordered the regular Tapa de Morning (Php180) which is composed of home made tapa, scrambled egg, ensalada, and brown Talangka rice. It was very comforting and pretty good. I was just kind of worried about the fats that I was ingesting but its definitely something that you can devour when you are feeling blue and out of sorts. If you are on a diet though, it would be better if you split this with a friend.

For dessert, I had the Turondots with Dulce Gatas (Php150) which are small turon dipped in condensed milk. It was very sweet and very, very good. This was my favorite among the two dishes that I had. YUMMY! Trust me when I say you wouldn't want to share this with someone.

Sometimes, a girl just has to be by herself and reflect on things and on life on her own with good good to comfort her and possibly, help her recover from the many crazy things that life throws at her. Recovery Food is the one place you can go to, lose yourself for a few minutes, then pick yourself up again and go on with life. I did just that.


  1. They have good noodles too! I did like their Tapa. The Calamansi juice was also very refreshing. <3


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