Thursday, January 29, 2015

Marriott Manila Thanksgiving Party

Marriott Manila sure knows how to show appreciation to its partner bloggers which makes them one of the few who does. I'm happy that I am one of their partner bloggers and tonight, how we were treated just proves that I made the right choice in supporting them.

Marriott Manila held an Instagram contest where the most number of likes for a selfie showing our favorite spot at Marriott. This is the 4th selfie contest that I have won so far. :)

This photo got a total of 82 likes and the one who came after me had 43 likes. Awesome right? We also had a team contest and our team won as well. We received chocolates.

Afterwards, I won a buffet for two and overnight stay for 2 with breakfast. How awesome is that?

Afterwards, we were treated to a dinner buffet at Marriott Cafe where we stuffed ourselves silly. BURP.

Thank you to the Marketing Staff of Marriott for this wonderful night. I felt the appreciation and I am honored to be one of your partner bloggers. :)

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