Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I was hoping to have a nice bowl of Ramen since it was raining last night. I originally wanted to try Ramen Nagi but since there were no branches nearby, we opted to try Watami.

I ordered the Watami Ramen since it was one of their best sellers and the Beef Rice Bowl with some egg on top of it. You are probably wondering why I did not even bother to remember the name but in a while you will understand. Thankfully the Watami Salad saved the day.

This is the Watami Salad. I has shrimp, tuna mayo, and pork strips. It was actually pretty good and could serve as one full meal already.

The Mango Passion Fruit was also another great order. It was citrusy and had that sweet soury taste that gives it a kick. A pretty strong one but its a great perk me up.

 The Watami Ramen did not look like what a Ramen should look like. Truthfully, it looked like the one in Kenji which I totally despised. It should have been my warning. This one tasted like Lucky Me Beef Noodle overloaded with butter which is not a good combination at all.

It was a major letdown. No, it felt like a ripoff. Ugh.

The rice bowl on the other hand was a bad version of Yoshinoyas Rice Bowl. Yoshinoya is actually much better. This was a bastardized version. Sad.

Thankfully, I was with good company and that sort of made up for the not so stellar experience that I had at Watami.

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