Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I have been looking forward to trying out this little cafe for quite some time and so I was very excited to finally be able to try the place.

Upon entering, there was a shoot that was about to wrap so I had to sit in a corner first. It was fine with me since it was still early, having arrived at 9:03 am. I ordered their Cafe Mocha with the 3D art because I have heard so much about it and then went online to work and update myself.

A guy came in and sat beside me 20 minutes or so after I got there. What caught my attention was his food was served to him and still my coffee wasn't. He finally finished eating and was actually paying his bill but still, no coffee. I asked the server because there weren't really that many customers except for the ongoing shoot and they already had their food even before I came in.

She answered, "we had a lot to do."

ERM ....

I asked her to follow it up and finally, after 54 minutes, my coffee came. I asked the other server why it took so long and she also said, "there was a lot to do."


I asked for a manager and they said she would arrive at noon. After a few minutes I saw another person behind the counter so I spoke with her. Turned out she was the ADMIN but she just also told me that they were busy and yes, to go ahead and just write about my bad experience.

I was so appalled. I wasn't even screaming or yelling. I just wanted to understand why it took 54 minutes before I got my cup of coffee. This did not warrant 54 minutes in my opinion no matter how cute it was.

I told the admin to just leave me when a woman approached me and said that she noticed that there seemed to be a problem. By this time, I was already pissed off but I really didn't want to be because it was Monday and I wanted good vibes only. I asked her who she was and she told me she was actually the owner.

I explained and she apologized. She offered to not let me pay and I said it wasn't what I was after. I was just really disappointed with how things were handled. After all, the place was indeed pretty.

After the owner pacified me, I tried my best to enjoy the rest of my stay. So here goes.

I loved the fact that when I drink the coffee, the Cat 3D goes down like it was just sinking. It was too cute!

The fresh lumpia however was another downer. It was just too bland. I tasted almost nothing. In fact I didn't finish it. As for the beef tapa, it was LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thank God the Tapa made up for the blandness of the lumpia. As for the Apple Pie which was a gift from the owner, it was pretty okay but then I was never a fan of apple pie except for the McDo one. :)

The one thing that made things okay was having a blogger friend with me and this was actually why I was at CommunePH. It was to spend time with him because he will be leaving soon and won't be returning for a year.

When I got the bill after we ate and chatted, we got a surprise. The owner apparently took care of everything. Did it change my bad experience? I would say it sort of made up for it and it gives me the perspective of giving them a second chance. I just hope that the owner will train her staff to give better customer service.

Till then, lets say ... "I shall return."

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 


  1. Yummm I love lumpia. My girlfriend is Filipino and we eat it all the time. I hope things go better next time! At least the owner recognized the mistake.

  2. Doesn't bad service just suck? Granted it could just be a bad day, I would give them a second try. I just had LOUSY service at my local Lowes.

  3. This is the type of place I'd love to go. That little creamy bunny or kitty melted my heart!!!

  4. What a lovely looking cafe - hands up I am a huge fan of grabbing a hot drink and a cake in such places. x

  5. Too bad you had that experience! I was expecting to go there this week but now I don't know if I should.

  6. I'm not sure I'd return after that, so I give you props for being willing to do it. On a normal day maybe it would be wonderful though.

  7. I would be mad if the staff will give me that answer. Hopefully, they train their staff well to improve their service.

  8. That's quite a disappointing experience. I really hate it when restaurants treat their customers differently. I'm glad the owner made up for it, but that doesn't really make the experience better.

  9. 54 minutes for a cup of coffee? They must be having a laugh, it takes 2 minutes to make one. Jeesh still the cat coffee is so cute x

  10. I don't think I would return there, even though they took care of the bill. That experience was unacceptable. Even if they had something going on, they didn't need to tell you that. It's not your problem. She should have apologized and brought your order ASAP. That is just ridiculous!

  11. Good service is a big part of any dining experience. Sometimes just entering the place and seeing how the staff are is enough to make a decision whether to stay or leave.

  12. I like their cup design and their presentation with the interior and food, simple enough but elegant in its own way. That Lumpia could probably be improved aesthetically as well, maybe one day they'll read this.

  13. That's horrible that you had such a bad experience. I personally would have just left. No way would I wait that long for a cup of coffee no matter how cute it was.

  14. I like the 3D cat on your coffee. However, the service is not good!

  15. hahhahaha!!! OMG!!!! #CatLOVE!! That is the most adorable innovative thing i've seen all week! I so so want to visit this place and order me one ahhhhh no matter how long the wait. just look at that! wow

  16. What a cute little cafe. Being a cat lover myself I must say the cat is pretty epic ;-)

  17. Looks like a quaint cafe and has a little personality. Look at those yummy food! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Oh my goodness--that little bunny is too cute! I would love to visit here.

  19. Look like my kind of quaint cafe, I would love to visit. xx

  20. The fluffy cat looks so cute but it is not an excuse for having a poor customer service. Tsk tsk.

  21. The place is sayang if the staff would remain that way. But i appreciate the kind gesture of the owner. Would i give them a second chance after that? Perhaps. The 3d cat youve mentioned is too cute, i would want to experience it again and again but please not after 54 minutes of long wait.


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