Thursday, June 12, 2014

Herbal Essences Shameless Pleasure

When I was younger, I used to use Herbal Essences. It was one of those things that you kind of inherit from your Mom and so it was a staple whenever we would do our groceries. However, Herbal Essences kind of went off the market to my dismay.

Thankfully, today, that changed with the relaunch of Herbal Essences, now looking spifier, brighter, bolder, daring, and more vibrant.  They have two new lines: Dangerously Straight and Hello Hydration. I decided to give the Hydration to my Mom and sister because they love coloring their hair while my little sister and I have both virgin hairs and would benefit more from the Dangerously Straight line.

I tried it on soon as I got home from the launch party and my oh my, my hair feels so soft and smooth and it just needed one combing and its all set. AMAZING!

The launch party was also pretty amazing with Erika Paredes talking about her shameless pleasure, Kat Alano creating a poem to talk about hers, and finally, Divine Lee showing how she makes it a point to always give in to her shameless pleasure.

Truly, with Herbal Essences, you will have the confidence to indulge in your shameless pleasures. Some of mine are selfies and shoes so here goes. :)

Thank you Herbal Essences for these tokens. The woman in my family all say thanks. :)

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  1. will try this out...scheduled to do the groceries tonight, will include this. thanks for sharing.


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