Solo Eats: Cafe France

Since I've decided to remain single and not date anyone at all, I've come to realize that I will be going on a lot of solo dates which I will aptly call, solo eats. Here's part 2 of my solo eats the other day.

I went grocery shopping since B is about to start school and I needed to stock up on food he can take to school. Since it was already late, I figured there won't be any food at home so I headed to Cafe France. Surprisingly, they had something called Croffee which my curious mind couldn't pass up.

Croffee is croissant and coffee combined. It's actually pretty tasty though I think only hardcore fans of coffee will truly enjoy this. For me, I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars and I'd definitely try it again the next time I have the chance. 

I also had the Seafood Linguine Soup because though I am already serious with my desire to become healthier, I did not want to starve myself in doing so. I think that its wrong if I will do that.

The Seafood Linguine Soup was very tasty. I could definitely savor the crab, the fish, the scallop. and the shrimp. For such a small cup, it definitely brought a lot of power.

This is me enjoying my dinner. I daresay that every woman out there should learn to eat on their own and actually enjoy it. :)

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