Thursday, June 5, 2014

Solo Eats: Akitaya Japanese Restaurant

I chanced upon this place in Amorsolo Building on my way to meet with a client. It seemed interesting enough because it was "hidden" that I told myself if I get the chance to eat there, I would take it. On my 2nd meeting with my client, I got there an hour early and so I took the chance to have a solo lunch at this Japanese place called Akitaya.

I love that they gave me a cold towel soon as I came in. When I was young, all the food places my family and I would go to had this tradition. It was very comforting to have this done again. It was refreshing and it helped put me in a better mood to chow down. 

As you can see, the interiors are very simple but trust me when I say that there was a constant round robin of people eating there. I was actually placed at the bar because I was eating by myself which was a first for me.

I ordered the Wafu Ramen which cost Php220. It's actually good enough for 2 people to share but since I did not have brunch yet, I ate this all by myself.

Why???? Actually, I finished this by myself because it was SO GOOD. I had a sip of the soup and BOOM! It was ramen heaven. Now this is what ramen really is. The soup alone was more than enough. I could taste the pork, the nori, and everything that this thing was soaked into for god knows how long. It was simply TASTY.

The pork was also another thing. It was tender and cooked to perfection. If I could fall in love with soup, I would choose this.


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