Solo Eats: Coral Garden

I chanced upon this place purely by accident. When I went in, I didn't even know what cuisine they served but I told myself to just be brave and try it eventhough I was the only female there and there were 6 old men dining and being loud.

The place's decor was very minimal. It's actually as if no thought was given to how the place would look. I found it a bit dismal.

I ordered the fresh lettuce with ground beef since it was the only thing that I felt I could finish on my own. Apparently, this place is not friendly to solo dining as almost everything is for sharing.

I loved this one. Initially I thought it had too much soy sauce but eventually, the taste blended well and though this was a big dish, I actually almost finished it. I consumed 3/4 of the entire thing. Thankfully, I did not order rice or else. Hahahaha

This was my 3rd time on a solo eat and I'm really starting to get the hang of this. :) Coral Garden is located in E. Rod Jr. Quezon City. It's just pass Citibank Eastwood, right beside Unionbank.