Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Residence Inn

This was our 2nd stop for the day and I was pretty excited about this because this was where the zipline was going to be. What I did not know was that Residence Inn had so much more to offer than just a zipline and cable car ride.

Residence Inn is also home to animals that you can feed such as camels, goats, ram, monkeys, wild boar, and ostrich. I got B 3 bags of veggies for him to use to feed the animals. My take is that it would be an awesome experience for him if he gets to do this and this is what I want him to have. A lot of different experiences that he can treasure and look back to when he is all grown up.

Of course, the highlight of the day was when we tried the zipline and the cable car. Funny enough, I actually enjoyed the zipline but B who has been very brave when he initially tried the zipline was the one who was scared.

Thank you so much Residence Inn and Zoomanity for these awesome adventures. It really was truly an afternoon worth remembering.

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