Saturday, January 4, 2014

Family Fridates

It was the first Friday of the year and what better way to kickstart it than with a fridate with the family. Karl brought home KFC for our dinner.

Afterwards, we went to our resident neighborhood Cafe, Mystic Brew. Karl has never been to this place and we wanted to share with him our very shabby chic place.

It was acoustic nights at Mystic Brew when we dropped by so we had the pleasure of listening to live music while we were there. I loved the playlist and the voice or I may be biased because I know the performer.

We ordered our drinks and Karl tried the Butter Brew. My other siblings tried it as well and here they are with the Brewstache.

We spent the night chatting, going online, tagging each other, playing online games, taking photos and posting it on Instagram. Yes, that's how we bond. All of these were happening while we were sipping our cuppajoes.

I love my family.

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